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Anime Studio 5 Pro is an proficient application to create flawless animations
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Anime Studio 5 Pro is a proficient application to create flawless animations. It essentially provides all its users with the option of creating superb quality animations without the need of spending attention on frame-by-frame details, and features a number of pre-rigged characters and content to save the hard work.

The application comes with amazingly innovative features like Bone-Based Animation Technology using, with which the user can add a skeleton to an image by simply clicking, and bringing it alive, along with numerous pre-designed styles of characters as well as option to create the custom ones.

Anime Studio 5 Pro provides the option of importing 3D files from Poser, Amapi, Shade, and other 3D applications and comes with advanced timeline control to fine tune the animations by using onion skins, twining, and graph mode. The user may import the personal artwork, like 2D and 3D images along with videos, and resize them without any loss of data whatsoever.

The application also offers Professional Special Effects along with additional import and export capabilities for various formats including AVI and QuickTime. It also has extensive audio support for animations, and handles WAV and AIFF formats, along with resourceful Adobe Photoshop Integration for importing layered PSD files.

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  • Plenty of pre-rigged characters, along with other cool features


  • No support for compressed file formats
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