Anime Studio Pro

Anime Studio Pro

A powerful program that lets you create 2D animations and cartoons
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Anime Studio Pro is a very complex solution for creating both 2D animations and cartoons. It offers a great deal of features which you can use to design various objects and characters in order to animate them afterward. It stands as an efficient alternative to other programs that create frame-by-frame animations.

At first sight, the graphical user-interface of Anime Studio Pro may seem difficult to use because it displays a large number of panels and buttons. But actually it is very intuitive and even beginners can handle it.

The most important feature of Anime Studio Pro is the “bone-rigging” system. It will help you create realistic characters while saving a lot of time otherwise spent on editing each frame of an animation. This version of Anime Studio also comes with many other improvements and bug fixes, yet I didn't like that no Help manual was available. Moreover, tutorials on using this application are available only on developer’s website.

Another drawback lays in the fact that Anime Studio Pro is only able to open .anme files. It doesn't offer support for JPEG or other compressed graphics formats.

As a conclusion, this program can be considered to be a viable solution for creating 2D animations in an easy manner.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes many animation templates
  • Highly customizable user-interface
  • Includes a script designer


  • No tutorials available in offline mode
  • No Help manual available in offline mode
  • It supports only ANME default format
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